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"The staff and trial attorneys in our law firm treat clients and their families with the respect they deserve while we aggressively pursue their wrongful death and serious injury claims in the Kansas City area and throughout Missouri and Kansas"   

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Choosing the right Kansas City or Johnson County personal injury law firm is a difficult decision that will impact you for years or perhaps even the rest of your life.  At our personal injury/wrongful death law office, our staff and lawyers strive to treat all of our clients with respect while we work diligenly to maximize the value of their claims.  We understand the frustration and uncertainty which surround our clients' cases and we do our best to keep our clients informed about their personal injury or wrongful death cases, the law applicable to thier case, and their cases' progression in the courts.

From day one, the staff and attorneys in our personal injury/wrongful death law firm, prepare each case as if it were going to trial. This approach, combined with our thorough case preparation, demonstrates to opposing insurance companies, corporations, defendants, and thier defense attorneys that we will never stop short of obtaining fair and just compensation on behalf of our clients.  Our approach often leads to settlement offers from defendants which are often higher than those given to lawyers who are unprepared to try a case.  While over 95% of all personal injury cases filed in Kansas, Missouri, or Federal Court will end in a settlement or other disposition, our firm's approach insures that we won't be caught unprepared for trial if our client's cases are not settled. 

What are you looking for in a personal injury or wrongful death attorney?

Before you sign a contingency fee agreement with a Kansas City or Johnson County personal injury law firm or attorney to provide legal services for your auto accident case, case involving a semi-truck (18 wheeler) or other commercial vehicle, a rollover (especially those involving Ford F-series trucks or SUVs), workplace accidents, medical malpractice, or a defective products, ask the potential attorney a number of serious questions, including: 

"Are you comfortable with the lawyer and their staff?"

"Does this lawyer or their law firm have experience with serious injury and wrongful death cases?"

"Is this lawyer willing to take this case to trial if necessary, or do they just want to settle it and make a quick buck?"; 

"When was the last time this lawyer presented a personal injury/wrongful death case to a jury?";

"Is the lawyer truly a trial lawyer?";

"Does the lawyer focus their civil litigation practice on personal injury and wrongful death cases, or does the attorney simply handle any case they think they can make some money on?";

and finally, but perhaps most importantly "Does this lawyer care about me?"

The answers to these questions are extremely important and you deserve to have them answered up front.

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeremiah Johnson, LLC are willing to go to trial in every case if necessary to protect our clients' rights. Call 1-913-764-5010 to set up a no-cost initial consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys to discuss your case.

The staff and attorneys in our law firm are not looking to settle our personal injury and wrongful death cases, unless the settlement is in the best interests of our clients and they feel that it is acceptable. Even if the case settles the day before trial, we will have at least convinced the defense that we are serious about court litigation, thereby increasing the settlement offer.


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If you have questions regarding personal injury law, lawsuits, jury trials and your rights, contact our law firm. We offer free initial consultations and are available for evening and weekend appointments. To contact us, call 1-913-764-5010.

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